Having a background in martial arts and working as an law enforcement officer I felt confident in my ability to defend myself. However, after just a few lessons in Brazilian JuiJitsu, I soon realized how vulnerable I could be when a fight went to the ground. BJJ has not only provided me a much needed element to self defense, it also has taught me to be more relaxed during circumstances both in and outside of the BJJ school. In otherwords, lessons learned in BJJ can be applied in everyday life.


Fantastic instructors and friendly atmosphere. The instructors take a cerebral approach and dive deep into the concepts. They make you feel welcomed and at home.


Jason Bodi and his family always make you feel like one of the guys with great fellowship, great teachings and just a fun filled environment. Everyone there no matter what rank they are, is willing to help you learn and to enjoy yourself during your visit. So if you live in the area or just passing through, I strongly recommend that you stop in and tell them that their Louisville little brother Brent sent you.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bay View Jiu Jitsu while in Toledo for a Lake Erie fishing trip. Jason operates a great gym where they make visitors feel welcome and a part of the team. His students have very good BJJ and are obviously well coached. If you want some good Jiu Jitsu, visit Jason Bodi @ Bay View.